Are you planning to go on holiday? No problem! Thanks to the Atlas Professional pet carriers, you will be able to take your faithful friend with you, by boat, train, car or even plane.

All dog pet carriers in this range are equipped with lateral spring hooks with safety locks and a solid door, made of plastic-coated steel, a retractable and extendable handle, a feeding trough for food or water, lateral ventilation grilles for proper air circulation, an hygienic draining mat and a compartment for objects. The safety closure has undergone a recent restyling that makes it easier to use, effective and safe: by turning the knob, four fixing points are activated that anchor the door to the main structure of the carrier avoiding unpleasant accidental openings during the journey. Moreover the door has a mesh of 25 x 25 mm, designed to follow the current IATA regulations regarding the trasport of pets.

Included inside the package of the new Atlas 70 Restyling, you will find some clamps which can be fixed to the carrier door to guarantee more safety and 8 screws which can be fixed to the suitable holes of side closing systems.

Atlas 70 transport cage