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Contains high quality minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and seaweed extracts, to help promote healthy growth of bones, teeth, skin and coat. This product is ideal for young dogs, nursing bitches and working dogs.


Beaphar Calcium Tablets are specially formulated for puppies and nursing bitches to supplement their calcium intake during this demanding stage. During lactation the bitch’s calcium requirement is much higher due to the need for her to produce calcium-rich milk for her puppies.

Beaphar Calcium Tablets contain high-quality minerals, including calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, combined with vegetable extracts and seaweed to help promote the healthy growth of bones, teeth, coat and skin.

Suitable for dogs from 6 weeks of age.


Using the table below, give your pet the recommended number of tablets per day.

Small dogs: 2 tablets
Medium dogs: 4 tablets
Large dogs: 6 tablets

Beaphar Calcium Tablets


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