• 81 % animal protein
  • Extra-large heart-shaped loop
  • Even for sensitive young dogs
  • With tasty lamb and rice


Junior Giant Lamb & Rice


Ideal for young dogs from very large breeds

After 6 months, the rate of growth slowly decreases. For young dogs of very large breeds the food should be matched to the changing protein and energy requirements. To prevent nutrition-related growth disorders, the food should have a reduced nutrient content. Happy Dog Junior Lamb & Rice is perfectly matched to the needs of young dogs from very large breeds. The tasty lamb, highly-digestible rice and nutritious New Zealand mussels in Happy Dog Junior Giant Lamb & Rice ensure optimum development, even for sensitive young dogs. With its poultry-free recipe, this super premium complete feed is ideal for sensitive little gourmets. Our Happy Dog Natural Life Concept® is a holistic approach that ensures each ingredient will benefit your dog's body.

The unique heart-shaped biscuits are not simply nice to look at. The special shape, with the hole in the middle, makes it particularly easy to chew and digest. The larger surface area means that the biscuits are optimally broken down in the stomach.


Once they reach 18 months, they should be gradually changed over to an Adult food.


Made in Germany to strict quality standards.

Happy Dog Junior Giant Lamb & Rice 15kg