Ipakitine is a supplement that reduces the phosphates in your pet’s food. If your cat or dog has just been diagnosed with chronic renal failure, this powder can be mixed with their favourite food instead of changing their food to a renal specific range. A natural supplement, the powder is made with chitosan which absorbs uremic toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, helping your pet to maintain a good quality of life.

Key features

  • supports pets with chronic renal failure
  • allows your pet to continue eating their favourite food
  • absorbs uremic toxins and reduces them in several studies
  • can be used at any stage of CRF


1g / 5kg body weight twice daily, mixed with food, One level scoop measures 1g of powder. It is recommended that a check up is performed every 6 months. Allow free access to fresh water during administration.

Weight of cat or dog (kg) No. of scoops (twice a day)
3 - 5kg 2
10kg 4
15kg 6

Ipakitine Powder