Notix Anti Tick And Flea Powder For Dog and Cats - 100 gm
The problem of ticks and fleas is very common in almost every dog and you have to do something about it before it turns worse for your pet. Notix anti tick and flea powder for dog as the name suggests gives an effective solution to resolve all problems associated with ticks and fleas. The good thing about this product is that you can use it on a regular basis in order to keep your dog free from bugging fleas and ticks.
Notix anti-tick and flea powder for dog can be used for all kinds of dogs both young and old. All you have to do is apply the Notix talc on the whole body of the pet after every three days and the pet will be free from external parasite infestation from lice, fleas, and ticks. Notix talc contains carbaryl which is not toxic and effective against parasites.


  • Helps in controlling ticks, fleas, and lice
  • Protects from different skin infestation
  • Can be dusted over bed or sleeping area to prevent infestation
  • Easy to use, simply dust over the body or bush
  • Regular use prevents reinfestation of ticks and fleas.

Notix Anti Flea Powder for dogs and cats