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Royal Canin Aroma/Savour Exigent dry cat food is designed for finicky cats that crave variety in their meals


Provides a distinct fish aroma for cats that are particular about the scent appeal of their food


Helps maintain a fussy cat's ideal weight with adapted energy content


Royal Canin also offers formulas for cats with a savor or protein preference


Perfect nutritional complement to Royal Canin Adult wet cat food formulas


Picky cats are hard to please. They may not give their kibble more than a nibble… then meow for something else. Different cats have different preferences. Sometimes, that preference is around the smell of their kibble. Your cat may be craving a specific aroma their regular food just isn’t providing.

Royal Canin Aroma Selective dry cat food is made specifically for fussy cats that are most attracted to a fish-based aroma. It offers complete and balanced nutrition, including tailored nutrients and energy levels that help your cat stay at a healthy weight. Try pairing with Royal Canin wet cat food for a meal your cat will love.

Royal Canin Aroma/Savour Exigent Cat 2kg


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