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Cani-Vit is an unusually complete and comprehensive vitamin/mineral/protein supplement specifically formulated for dogs.


Commercial dog foods may not always cater for every dog’s nutritional needs. Cani-Vit was formulated with this principle in mind. It contains vitamins and minerals present at levels recommended by leading authorities.

Vitamin E is present at a high level ( I Siu per Sg dose). Selenium is an essential nutrient. It has been reported to protect against lead, cadmium and mercury poisoning . Selenium deficiency in dogs can lead to-degeneration of skeletal and cardiac muscle . Other effects of deficiency include reproductive disorders and oedema.

Few pet nutritional supplements contain selenium ; in Cani-Vit it is present at the generally recommended level of  10 micrograms per  5g dose.

High dietary calcium content or a vegetable protein-based diet (e.g. dry dog foods which are largely soya) can dramatically increase the zinc requirement of the dog. A study’ reported signs of zinc deficiency in dogs receiving cereal-based dry diets which contained zinc levels that were actually above the NRC minimum requirement (due to a reduction in bioavailability of the zinc because of the presence of phytic acid in the food). The link between zinc and skin and coat condition makes this trace element particularly crucial for the animal.
Zinc is relatively non-toxic and at 10mg per 5g dose Cani-Vit contains more zinc than most other pet nutritional supplements .

The Calcium/Phosphorus ratio of Cani-Vit at I: I is in the generally accepted optimum range for dogs and the calcium is easily assimilated.

Cani-Vit also contains a large amount (30%) of high-grade protein and its base of real liver and real cheese enhances palatability.

Given daily, mixed in or sprinkled over food.
Adult dogs: one to three level Sg measures, depending on size of dog. Puppies : half to one level measure

Cani-Vit Powder 250g (vitamins, minerals, calcium)


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