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Meat chunks in gravy. Complete diet food for adult cats. Royal Canin Intense Beauty is a complete dietetic food intended for cats in order to support the cutaneous function in the case of dermatosis and depilation. This food contains a high content of essential fatty acids.


Nourishes a beautiful, shiny coat with optimal levels of fatty acids


Helps maintain an ideal weight with specially formulated nutrition


Promotes optimal health and wellness with a precise balance of vitamins and minerals


Pairs well with Royal Canin Hair & Skin dry cat food for a texture cats crave


Your cat has it all: a shiny coat, sleek physique, and charming personality. But beauty starts within, and the right diet can make all the difference in your cat’s health—inside and out.

Royal Canin Intense Beauty Thin Slices in Gravy wet cat food is complete and balanced nutrition to support your adult cat’s natural beauty. This exclusive soft cat food is formulated with nutrients including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support your cat’s soft and shiny coat. This formula helps your cat maintain a healthy weight. And a precise balance of vitamins and minerals supports optimal health and wellness to help keep your cat beautiful on the inside and out. Try pairing with Royal Canin Hair & Skin Care dry cat food for a meal your cat will love.

Intense Beauty Wet 85g x 12 per pack


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