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Royal Canin Sterilized dry adult cat food is formulated to help maintain a healthy weight in sterilized 1-7 years old cats


Satisfies a spayed or neutered cat's increasing appetite


Contains a high level of fibers to help cats feel more full


Supports healthy metabolism and helps manage weight with an optimal amount of L-carnitine

Does your cat meow for more even after they've emptied their bowl? They may not be feeling full. That’s because of a common hormonal change that happens after a cat is spayed or neutered. This change causes a spike in hunger and decline in energy needs, which could lead to your cat putting on excess pounds.

Royal Canin Sterilized dry cat food is specifically tailored for the unique nutritional needs of your adult cat. This complete and balanced formula is designed to help satisfy a cat’s increased appetite that can occur after surgery. High levels of fibers give your cat the feeling of fullness and help reduce the risk of overeating. Moderate fat levels help limit excess weight gain. And L-carnitine ensures their metabolism works hard, burning through calories and helping your cat stay at a healthy weight. Try pairing with Royal Canin Sterilized wet cat food for a meal your cat will love.

Royal Canin Sterilised cat 2kg


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