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Urinary S/O is a complete dietetic food for cats, formulated to dissolve struvite stones and reduce recurrences thanks to its acidifying properties in urine and its low magnesium content. Recommendations: before use, the advice of a veterinarian is recommended. Use Urinary S/O for 5 to 12 weeks to dissolve struvite stones and up to 6 months to reduce recurrences. The cat should then be regularly examined by the veterinarian to assess the relevance of a long-term nutritional recommendation. Fresh water should always be available to the animal.


Helps dissolve pure struvite stones and helps prevent calcium oxalate stones


Lowers the risk of crystal formation using RSS methodology for bladder health


Supports urinary health with an exclusive S/O Index, and creates an environment unfavorable to crystal formation in the bladder


Helps prevent struvite stones from reoccurring


When your cat has urinary issues, easing their discomfort requires special care. But with the help of your veterinarian and Royal Canin, there’s not just hope—there can be a true difference.

This veterinary-exclusive dry cat food was developed to nutritionally support your adult cat’s urinary tract and bladder health. It increases the amount of urine your cat produces to help dilute excess minerals that can cause crystals and stones. Relative Super Saturation (RSS) methodology is used to help lower ion concentration in urine, which contributes to stone formation. This formula promotes a urinary environment unfavorable to the formation of both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals. And this specialized nutrition, with a reduced level of magnesium, helps dissolve pure struvite stones and prevent struvite stones from forming. Lower urinary tract issues may be a recurring concern for some cats. Talk to your veterinarian about keeping your cat on this urinary cat food for long-term urinary support. And ask them about the right Royal Canin wet cat food and treats to complement your cat’s diet.

Royal Canin Urinary S/O cat 3.5kg


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