Petcare Nutri Coat 200 ml

NUTRI-COAT provides essential fatty acids and their precursors such as Linoleic (Omega 3 series) and Linolenic (Omega 6 series) acids. For good

health, the balance of these fatty acids is important. It is from these fatty acids that animals will produce arachidonic acid, gamma linoleic acid (GLA),

eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and decosahexanoic acid (DHA) which are used in the synthesis of prostaglandins. These have a major influence on skin health

and condition. If sufficient fatty acids are not available for their synthesis, conditions such as dry and itchy skin may arise. Other vital nutrients involved in skin health like biotin, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E, supplement the action of essential fatty acids in maintaining the coat condition and balanced metabolism.



Each 5 gms. is guaranteed to contain:

Linoleic acid,

Linolenic acid

Oleic acid

Zinc                         4.5 mg.

Vitamin A               1000 I.U.

Vitamin E                   10 I.U.

Vitamin D3                100 I.U.

Selenium                 0.2 mcg.

Biotin                       45 mcg.

Lecithin                     50 mg.

Vitamin B6             400 mcg.


Dogs : 5 gms / per day

Pregnant / Nursing bitches : 10 gms / day


 Dry & lusterless hair

Alopecia and dandruff

Scaly nutritional dermatoses

Hyperkeratosis, Pruritus

Allergic dermatitis, Spectacle eye

Erythematous conditions

As a supportive therapy in hypothyroidism, mange, pyoderma, fungal dermatitis, epidermolysis bullosa, discoid lupus, systemic lupus.

In dogs with high calcium cereal diet, a zinc deficiency is a possibility

To improve immune status of skin

Nutricoat 200ml (shiny coat & anti hair loss)